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Yemen is an Arab country in Western Asia at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula. Yemen is the second-largest country in the peninsula. Although Yemen's constitutionally stated capital is the city of Sana'a, the city has been under rebel control since February 2015. Because of this, Yemen's capital has been temporarily relocated to the port city of Aden, on the southern coast. Yemen's territory includes more than 200 islands; the largest of these is Socotra.

Languages: Arabic (94% of Population - Sanaani, Ta'izzi'Adeni, Hadrami) Somali

Ethnic Groups: Arabs ( Himyarites; Tihama; and Akhdami)and Somalis

Belief Systems: Islam is the official religion (Sunni and Shia practiced)with very little other religions practiced (Judaism, Christianity)


27.2 million people (World Rank: 47th) (2014 estimate)
Population Density: 133 people/mi^2 (People per Square Mile) (World Rank: 160th) (2014 estimate)
Population Growth: 3.08 %/yr (World Rank: 11th) (2013 estimate)
Life Expectancy: 63.1 years (World Rank: 188th) (2013 estimate)
Median Age: 18.2 years (World Rank: 174th) (2010 estimate)

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