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Macedonia is a landlocked Balkan nation of mountains, lakes and ancient towns with Ottoman and European architecture. The capital, Skopje, is known for its sprawling Old Bazaar quarter and historic buildings turned museums, including the National Gallery of Macedonia, housed in a 15th-century Turkish bath complex. The southern city Ohrid, on a lake of the same name, has a medieval townscape and hilltop castle.

Languages: Macedonian, Albanian

Ethnic Groups: Macedonian 64.2%, Albanian 25.2%, Turkish 3.9%, Roma (Gypsy) 2.7%, Serb 1.8%, other 2.2%

Belief Systems: Christianity, Islam


Population: 536427 people (World Rank: 173rd) (2014 estimate)
Population Density: 537 people/mi^2 (People per Square Mile) (World Rank: 64th) (2014 estimate)
Population Growth: 1.27 %/yr (World Rank: 102nd) (2013 estimate)
Life Expectancy: 80.5 years (World Rank: 28th) (2013 estimate)
Median Age: 38.9 years (World Rank: 31st) (2010 estimate)

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