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Burkina Faso is a francophone country; French is an official language of government and business. Formerly called the Republic of Upper Volta, the country was renamed "Burkina Faso" on 4 August 1984 by then-President Thomas Sankara. Its capital is Ouagadougou. In 2014 its Population was estimated at just over 17.3 million.

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Languages: The official language of Burkina Faso is French, which is spoken by the majority of the population. French is used in government, education, and the media, and it is the language of instruction in schools. In addition to French, there are also a number of local languages spoken in Burkina Faso, including Bambara, Fula, and Dioula, among others. These languages are spoken by the various ethnic groups that make up the population of Burkina Faso, and they are often used in regional and local government, as well as in the media. Finally, English is also spoken by some people in Burkina Faso, particularly in business and tourism.

Ethnic Groups: Mossi 50.2%, Fulani 9.4%, Bobo 5.9%, Gurma 5.8%, Mande 5.3%, Senufo 4.9%, Gurunsi 4.8%, Lobi 4.7%, Tuareg 2.5%, others 6.5%

Belief Systems: Muslim 50%, indigenous beliefs 40%, Christian (mainly Roman Catholic) 10%


Population: 18.6 million people (World Rank: 60th) (2014 estimate)
Population Density: 176 people/mi^2 (People per Square Mile) (World Rank: 143rd) (2014 estimate)
Population Growth: 3.03 %/yr (World Rank: 14th) (2013 estimate)
Life Expectancy: 56.3 years (World Rank: 209th) (2013 estimate)
Median Age: 16.8 years (World Rank: 189th) (2010 estimate)

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