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Brunei is a tiny nation on the island of Borneo, in 2 distinct sections surrounded by Malaysia and the South China Sea. It's known for its beaches and biodiverse rainforest, much of it protected within reserves. The capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, is home to the opulent Jame’Asr Hassanil Bolkiah mosque and its 29 golden domes. The capital's massive Istana Nurul Iman palace is the residence of Brunei’s ruling sultan.

Languages: The official language of Brunei is Malay, which is spoken by the majority of the population. Malay is used in government, education, and the media, and it is the language of instruction in schools. In addition to Malay, many people in Brunei also speak English, which is widely taught in schools and is often used as a second language in business and government. Finally, there are also a number of other languages spoken in Brunei, including Chinese, Tamil, and Arabic, among others.

Ethnic Groups: The majority of Brunei's population is made up of ethnic Malays, who make up around 67% of the population. There are also significant numbers of Chinese and indigenous peoples, as well as smaller numbers of Indians and other ethnic groups.

Belief Systems: Muslim (official) 67% Buddhism 13%, Christianity 11%, indigenous religions 2%, no religion 7%


Population: 426570 people (World Rank: 176th) (2014 estimate)
Population Density: 210 people/mi^2 (People per Square Mile) (World Rank: 127th) (2014 estimate)
Population Growth: 1.67 %/yr (World Rank: 75th) (2013 estimate)
Life Expectancy: 78.5 years (World Rank: 56th) (2013 estimate)
Median Age: 29.5 years (World Rank: 78th) (2010 estimate)

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