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Angola is a Southern African nation whose varied terrain encompasses tropical Atlantic beaches, a labyrinthine system of rivers and Sub-Saharan desert that extends across the border into Namibia. The country's colonial history is reflected in its Portuguese-influenced cuisine and its landmarks including Fortaleza de São Miguel, a fortress built by the Portuguese in 1576 to defend the capital, Luanda.

Languages: The official language of Angola is Portuguese, which is spoken by the majority of the population. Portuguese was introduced to Angola during the colonial period, and it has remained the country's official language since independence. In addition to Portuguese, there are also a number of local languages spoken in Angola, including Umbundu, Kimbundu, and Kikongo. These languages are spoken by the various ethnic groups that make up the population of Angola, and they are often used in regional and local government, as well as in the media. Finally, English is also spoken by some people in Angola, particularly in business and tourism.

Ethnic Groups: The largest ethnic group in Angola are the Ovimbundu people, who make up about 37% of the population. The Ovimbundu are a Bantu-speaking people who are primarily concentrated in the central part of the country. Other major ethnic groups in Angola include the Ambundu (25%), the Bakongo (13%), and the Chokwe (9%), among others. There is also a small community of Portuguese people in Angola, as well as other Europeans, Africans, and people of mixed ancestry.

Belief Systems: Roman Catholic 60%, Indigenous Southwest African Beliefs 47%, Protestant 15%, (Latter-Day Saint, Jehovah's Witness, Sunni Islam, Baha'i, Judaism) less than 1%


21.3 million people (World Rank: 59th) (2014 estimate)
Population Density:44.2 people/mi^2 (People per Square Mile) (World Rank: 206th) (2014 estimate)
Population Growth: 2.74 %/yr (World Rank: 22nd) (2013 estimate)
Life Expectancy: 51.9 years (World Rank: 222nd) (2013 estimate)
Median Age: 16 years (World Rank: 194th) (2010 estimate)

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