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General Info:

Map of Germany
University of Texas Library

Germany - Wikipedia Entry
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Germany - Country Profile
U.S. Library of Congress profile of Germany
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Germany - General Information
Columbia Encyclopedia Entry for Germany
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Culture and Tourism:

Tourism Germany
All about Germany as a tourism destination.

The Romantic Road
Itinerary for the most popular tourist route in Germany.

Wine and Beer Festivals
A list of festivals in August.

Information about the Oktoberfest in Munich.

How and where Carnival is celebrated in Germany.

Christmas Markets
The best Christmas Markets and how to get there.

Music Festivals
The top German music festivals.

Travel Info for Germany

Travelling Europe by train with an Interrail ticket.

Practical Information
Information on living and working in Germany as a foreigner.

German Language Resources:

Learn German
Information on learning German in Germany with the Goethe Institute.

Study in Germany
Information on the German American Partnership Program.

German Meetups
German meetup groups in the San Diego area.

Government Related:

German Embassy
in Washington D.C.

German Government Web Sites
Directory of government Web sites and other links
by Gunnar Anzinger.

Current Local Weather:

Current Weather Conditions in Germany
Yahoo! Weather Forecasts - Germany


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